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Biggest tax procrastinators found in California and Las Vegas

The states with the most tax-filing procrastinators are California and Nevada, while Las Vegas and Denver were the top cities for those who wait until the last minute, according to a new survey.

The survey, from the investment property exchange company IPX 1031, polled 1,000 Americans to learn more about their tax-filing habits. The company also analyzed Google search data from all 50 states and the 30 largest American cities during last year’s tax season to figure out which cities and states could boast of the biggest tax procrastinators.

The researchers analyzed phrases and questions related to filing taxes such as: “Can I file taxes late?” and “I need a tax extension” along with”last day to file taxes” in addition to 50 other variations of common tax- filing keywords and phrases.

They found the states with the biggest tax procrastinators are;

1. California 2. Nevada 3. Texas 4. Colorado 5. Oregon 6. Washington 7. Hawaii 8. Georgia 9. Arizona 10. Maryland

The cities with the most tax procrastinators are:

1. Las Vegas 2. Denver 3. Seattle 4. San Francisco 5. Washington 6. Portland 7. Austin 8. Baltimore 9. Dallas 10. Houston

Taxpayers usually can file for an extension to put off filing their tax returns for an extra six months, although they’re supposed to pay any taxes due by April 15, or at least an estimate of them. This year, the Trump administration is considering extending the deadline even further because of the coronavirus, so procrastinators are likely to get even more time to file their returns.

The survey also asked several other questions and found that nearly a quarter of the respondents didn’t know that Tax Day is April 15. The researchers also asked about predictions and plans for tax refunds. This year the survey respondents expect to receive an average tax refund of $1,982. The top ways they plan to use their refund include paying off debt (39 percent), saving (31 percent), investing (14 percent), vacation (8 percent), major purchases (4 percent) and other (4 percent).

Last year, the IRS received the most tax returns during the week of Tax Day (17,806,000 tax returns). The second most popular week to file taxes was the first week of tax season (16,035,000 tax returns).

This article was originally published by Accountingtoday.com. Read the original article here.


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