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The economic and trade cooperation between Hong Kong and the PRC has become increasingly frequent. The "One Belt, One Road" policy has led more Hong Kong companies to set up their own companies in the PRC to embrace the huge the PRC market. In the PRC, after the enterprises meet certain requirements, they can apply for tax concessions from the Chinese tax authorities.

A. Application of High-Tech Enterprises
High-Tech Enterprises are entities who continuously developing research and development and transformation of technological achievements in China's key high-tech fields and forming their own core intellectual property rights. Based on this, High-Tech Enterprises carry out production and business activities in China (excluding those in Hong Kong, Taiwan region) where PRC resident enterprises registered for more than one year
B. Establishment of foreign-funded registered companies in China
1. Foreign Representative Office
Act as contact points with the parent company, engaged in non-direct business activities, but companies cannot issue value-added tax receipts, does not generate tax and need to be registered in the field.
2. Wholly foreign-owned / Sino-foreign joint ventures
The most common foreign-invested companies are mainly trade, service and production-oriented enterprises. Among them, foreign-funded trade enterprises are the most representative ones. In different regions, tax preferential policies are applied.
C. Application of International Certification
1. Apply for ISO9001 International Quality Management System
ISO9000 standard is issued by the International Organization for Standardization where quality management standards start with a series of 9
2. Apply for ISO14001 International Environmental Management System
ISO14001 provides the framework for organizations to establish, record and maintain effective environmental management systems to demonstrate that the organization's products or services meet the requirements of customers and relevant environmental legislation
3. Apply for OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
OHSAS18001 is a modern mode of production safety management, including quality management, occupational health and safety management of all production and operation of scientific, standardized and legalized system
D.  Registration of specific business licenses in the PRC
In China, Hong Kong companies require specific licenses to operate certain special industries such as medical devices, dangerous chemicals and imported cosmetics. Before Hong Kong enterprises entering the Chinese market, application of relevant licenses in advance and carry out cross-border tax planning between Hong Kong and Mainland can reduce unnecessary tax burden

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