We entered an strategic alliance with, a leading cloud accounting service provider based in Hong Kong.  For registered services via our company, you can enjoy a better offer for CowEasy cloud services.


According to Section 51C of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, tax payers operating in Hong Kong are required to keep sufficient records of their income and expenses in English or Chinese so that their assessable profits are readily ascertainable. Such records should be retained for a minimum period of 7 years.

According to Section 8 of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, the business records kept by the computer are acceptable.

Therefore, we will provide digitalized accounting services to facilitate the storage and accounting services of the relevant records maintained by SMEs.

What is so great about cloud accounting service?  Cloud accounting is an online accounting method that enables you to perform your accounting operations over the internet.  By using cloud accounting software, you can access it easily from anywhere at any time and from any device via web browsers as it runs on the server.  All the physical limitations can be overcome and all your services can be done in a more efficient way.  Cloud accounting empowers businesses to perform accounting activities with ease and complete flexibility even if you do not have any background in accounting. was founded by a team of professionals from accounting, information technology, as well as taxation areas. equips with most user-friendly interfaces which are designed by professionals with several years of experiences in collecting preferences and comments from users all over the World.

CowEasy】Cloud System all-rounded features :

User may handle business transactions through Cloud model with different access authorization at anywhere (company or other locations), and it is convenient and reliable that user does not have to install any program in the computers or mobile devices. Moreover, the user interfaces of 【CowEasy】system is user-friendly with clear design, so that user without any computer experience or accounting knowledge, may fully understand and easily operate and use the functions of the system in few minutes.

Moreover take a quick glance at the core points of features which are summarized as below :

~ No Account Knowledge Needed
~ CRM (i.e. Customer Relationship Management)
~ SRM (i.e. Supplier Relationship Management)
~ Stock Management – by location, by brand, by Color, by Size, etc
~ Fixed Assets Management
~ Project Management
~ Accounting Transactions Recording
~ Bank Statement – all transactions input in 1 single sheet for all years ! (Quick Input Function )
~ Multi-Users Access Right Control
~ Multi-Tax System
~ Multi-Currencies Arrangement
~ Suitable For Worldwide Accounting Rule
~ Cloud Platform, No Installation required

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